Re-Development of the former city sawmill plot, St. Gallen

The citizens’ municipality of St. Gallen as landowner is planning to use the 6 acres big plot of the former city sawmill in the south of the city of St. Gallen for a new purpose. Which utilization mix will be adopted under the given framework conditions in the end effect, future planning work and clarifications will show.

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  • Published on April 23, 2018

Remediation of earth backstop 300 m – shooting range Bruggli, Schönengrund AR

The remediation works of an earth backstop (excavation and disposal of contaminated soil) started in the beginning of October 2017 and are coordinated and supervised by our office (construction management and site management for contaminated sites). Due to the weather conditions (rain and snow), the work was interrupted in mid-November and should be continued and completed in spring 2018.
  • Published on November 15, 2017

Construction of new residential and commercial building, Rapperswil

At the Oberen Bahnhofstrasse in Rapperswil, a new residental and commercial building shall be constructed, for which the existing old building needs to give way. The new building will come to stand directly next to two older buildings, which are not allowed to be damaged due to the new construction. In this area, the geological conditions are variable and the ground rock surface can be found in very different depths.

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  • Published on July 17, 2017