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The dairy Forster AG has started to build a new production facility in Hölzli in Herisau. The new building should significantly increase the capacity and enable the most modern production techniques. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2021.

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  • Published on August 09, 2019

After several years of planning, construction work on the development of the Hoffnig site at Stettbach station in Dübendorf (ZH) started at the beginning of July 2018. The impressive construction project has considerable dimensions with a floor plan of around 70 x 200 m and excavation depths of around 10 m.

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  • Published on August 07, 2019

The company Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen, intends to extend the Unterer Graben car park with six new floors below the existing building. Construction has begun this year and is expected to continue until 2021.

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  • Published on August 05, 2019