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After the excavation and slope stabilization work for the new building of the “Neighbor Capsule Hotel” in Zermatt was completed last autumn, the tunnel excavation began at the beginning of May. The future horizontal tunnel will be almost 30 m long from the current portal area and runs completely in the rock.

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  • Published on May 02, 2024

Ferroflex AG is planning to construct a new commercial building on the two plots 2320B / 2321B on Industriestrasse in Bronschhofen (political municipality of Wil). Various design options are currently still being considered. For further planning, subsoil investigations were conducted to obtain reliable information for civil engineering issues.

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  • Published on January 04, 2024

Constructional changes are being planned on the SOB rail line from Häggenschwil-Winden to Wittenbach. The clearance requirements for various crossings are not met, which is why it is intended to examine whether a lowering of the track can be implemented or whether the construction should be dismantled without replacement or rebuilt.

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  • Published on December 08, 2023

After a long planning and approval phase, the time has finally come: the excavation and slope stabilization work for the ambitious new construction project "Neighbour Capsule Hotel" in Zermatt has begun on May 1st, 2023. In the first construction phase, a roughly 20 m deep cut is to be carried out on a steep slope in a densely populated area and professionally secured.

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  • Published on May 05, 2023