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Geotechnical Engineering

The planning, implementation and monitoring of ground investigations are among our main activities. For the provision of outcrops we rely on specialized drilling companies. Dynamic probing with and without core extraction, we conduct ouerselves.

    Our Services

    We have extensive experience in the field of geotechnics and offer the following services, among others:

    • Geological and geotechnical expertises
    • Geotechnical construction supervision
    • Safeguard of excavation
    • Buildings in landslides and creeping slopes
    • Reconstruction of landslide and rock falls
    • Advice relating to building foundations
    • Water drainage solutions
    • Optimization concepts for excavation and slope stabilization
    • Buildings in areas of permafrost
    • Dimensioning of high voltage foundations, cable car foundations and wind energy foundations
    • Supervision of quarries and specialized works of civil engineering
    • Legal and insurance expertise


    Our references in the field of geotechnical Engineerig can be found here.