Bottleneck removal St. Gallen - Tunnel Liebegg

The Canton of St. Gallen is planning to further relieve the St. Gallen city centre from traffic with the help of a new car tunnel between the freight station and Lustmuehle. The tunnel is to have a length of around 1.2 km.

After our office was already awarded to prepare the geological-geotechnical report for the tunnel construction project, we have now been commissioned by the civil engineering office of the Canton of St. Gallen to carry out further geological investigations. These include the drilling of 10 - 12 boreholes in the area of the tunnel route, which have a total drilling length of about 600 meters. Extensive measurement and analysis campaigns will be carried out both in the boreholes and in the laboratory. Drilling work was started at the beginning of May 2020. A drilling time of about 3 months is expected.


  • Published on May 11, 2020