Residential and commercial development Hoffnig-Areal, Dübendorf

After several years of planning, construction work on the development of the Hoffnig site at Stettbach station in Dübendorf (ZH) started at the beginning of July 2018. The impressive construction project has considerable dimensions with a floor plan of around 70 x 200 m and excavation depths of around 10 m.

On behalf of the client (Senn Resources AG / Pensimo Management AG), our office was awarded the contract for the geological-geotechnical construction supervision of the large-scale project. We are responsible for all aspects of excavation, excavation protection, drainage, foundation and contaminated underground material. Among other things, 10 inclinometers between 15 and 20 m depth were drilled to monitor the excavation and are being monitored by us. Meanwhile, the basement floors have been completed and the next delicate phase with the dismantling of the sheet pile wall has started. Geophones installed on neighbouring buildings as well as tram and train lines are used to monitor the vibrations. In addition, the drainage must be controlled by a complex pump and drainage system to ensure buoyancy safety at all times.

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  • Published on August 07, 2019