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Start of construction work for the Neighbour Capsule Hotel in Zermatt

Start of construction work for the Neighbour Capsule Hotel in Zermatt

After a long planning and approval phase, the time has finally come: the excavation and slope stabilization work for the ambitious new construction project "Neighbour Capsule Hotel" in Zermatt has begun on May 1st, 2023. In the first construction phase, a roughly 20 m deep cut is to be carried out on a steep slope in a densely populated area and professionally secured.

A back-anchored anchor and nail wall is be constructed for this purpose. Due to the building regulations in this world-famous holiday village, heavy construction equipment may only be used until May 31, 2023, so that the intention is to have completed a large part of the excavation pit reinforcement by then.

In the autumn of 2023, the further follow-up work can then take place, i.e., among other things, the mining excavation of a tunnel, which will connect to other construction projects further up the mountain.

After the Grundbauberatung - Geoconsulting AG had already been able to carry out the preliminary geological and geotechnical investigations for this construction project, we were now also given the mandate for the geotechnical construction management.

Ulrich Imboden AG, which brought in Gasser Felstechnik AG for the complex securing and excavation work, is acting as entrepreneur.

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  • Published on May 05, 2023