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Dairy Forster AG, Herisau (AR)

Dairy Forster AG, Herisau (AR)

The dairy Forster AG has started to build a new production facility in Hölzli in Herisau. The new building should significantly increase the capacity and enable the most modern production techniques. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2021.

On behalf of the client, we were commissioned with the clarification of the subsoil conditions and the geotechnical appraisal of the construction project. Following these investigations, we carried out the design of the demanding almost 12 m deep excavation pit as well as the tender of the civil engineering works. For securing the excavation pit an anchored pile wall is foreseen. On the south side of the project is the SOB route Herisau-Degersheim, which places increased demands on safety. We have also created the control and monitoring plan for the excavation pit.

For the construction phase which has now begun, we are working as a specialist site manager for foundation engineering and are also monitoring the excavation pit using inclinometer measurements among other things.

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  • Published on August 09, 2019