Ground water is an important local resource. In Switzerland over 80% of the drinking water is taken from groundwater. Ground water is a vital element in the natural hydrological cycle, which feeds important habitats such as fens, springs and wetlands.

Human activity is constantly putting greater demands on ground water, which in turn is having a negative influence on its sustainability, quantity and quality. We support the careful and reasonable use of this valuable resource. We undertake general ground water studies, policy on protected zone plans and water right, we also develop projects for ground and thermal water catchments, utilization concepts, risk estimation and danger field mapping as well as providing quantity and quality expertise.

We therefore offer the following services:

  • Ground water exploration and survey
  • Application of tracing methods
  • Risk and compatibility analysis
  • Elaboration of protected zone expertise
  • Contamination investigation
  • Computer-based calculations of diffusion path
  • Development of remediation concepts
  • Recommendations on grey water infiltration
  • Projects associated with the energetic ground water utilization